The South African Typographical Union is registered at the Department of Labour as a Trade Union in accordance with the LRA 66 of 1995 as amended in 2002. SATU is the oldest Union in the Print, Media, Stationery and Packaging Industries – providing stability and a proven good track record.


What We Offer

Professional service

The Union has Branches / Regional Offices with highly trained Union Officials and staff who assists Members with all their labour issues. Members can inquire on any matter and be sure of receiving quick and professional response.


We offer a variety of benefits to our members.

Collective bargaining and representation

The Union has regional offices with highly trained officials and staff who assists members with all their labour related issues. We represent members in the following: 

  • Disciplinary hearings

  • Grievance procedures

  • Retrenchments / Redundancies

  • Unfair Labour Practices

  • Unfair dismissals 

  • Medical and disability matters

  • Wage negotiations 

  • Labour disputes

We ensure compliance with respective labour legislation:

  • BCEA – Basic Conditions of Employment Act

  • SDA – Skills Development Act 

  • OHS – Occupational Health and Safety Act 

  • E.E - Employment Equity Act 

  • LRA – Labour Relations Act 

Basic conditions of employment

We look after your interests in the workplace:

  • Working hours

  • Overtime

  • Leave

  • Short time

  • Safe working conditions

  • Protections against exploration

  • Any changes to your conditions of employment

Mortality trust fund

All SATU members are covered by the Mortality Trust Fund in the event of death to assist with funeral costs.

  • Member

  • Spouse

  • Children 14 years and older

  • Children 6 to 13 years

  • Children younger than 6 years (including stillborn)

R 22 000.00

R 22 000.00

R 22 000.00

R 11 000.00

R    5 500.00

N.B.: There is no waiting period for this benefit. Members get covered on receipt of the 1st contribution. Should the member pass away – the spouse will get a paid policy.Terms and conditions apply.

Maternity and paternity support

Apart from drawing from the UIF the following assistance is available for all lady members.

R350.00 per week for 18 weeks provided the member has been a member for 52 weeks.

The benefit will be limited to three confinements (Pregnancies) during the lifetime of a member and subject to proof of maternity submitted. 

This benefit is aligned to the amended act which provides for 10 days unpaid paternity/paternal benefit. The benefit will pay an amount of R50 per day to a maximum of 10 days.  This is provided that the member has been a member for at least 52 weeks. The benefit is limited to only male members of the fund and is subject to proof of paternity being submitted. 

Trauma and abuse support

This benefit has been established to assist members and their spouses/partners who are victims of domestic abuse. To prevent misuse of the benefit, this is a once-off benefit for the duration of the member’s lifetime. The benefit is triggered and limited to when the victim makes use of a registered safe house, and a SAPS case has been opened. 

R50 per day will be payable for a period no more than 30 days while the victim makes use of the shelter or safe house.

Out of work

Apart from members drawing the UIF, the following assistance is available:

  • All members R250.00 per week

  • 1 week payment for every 6 weeks contributions received to a maximum of 26 weeks

Members who lose employment due to his/her misconduct or who have voluntarily left their employment without just cause, shall not be entitled to claim unemployment benefits.

Reduced hours

To provide additional financial assistance to members of the fund that have been placed on reduced working hours the following is applicable under the reduced hours benefit: 

  • An eligible member upon receipt of all required documentation from their employer may claim for reduced working hours. 

  • R150 Per week payable to eligible member for a maximum of thirteen weeks. 

TB allowance, alcohol & drug abuse rehabilitation benefit

This benefit is available to all SATU members who are admitted for treatment of the above, medical supporting documents will be required.

An allowance of R378.00 per week will be paid whilst member still admitted. This is a once in a lifetime benefit – application forms available at the branches.


Bursaries are available to the children of members - provided they passed by a minimum of 65% Average - to go and study at the tertiary institution of their choice.

  • Application Forms obtainable from Branches

  • R5000 per approved bursary

  • A maximum of 25 Bursaries will be issued per year to successful applicants.

Pension Fund (PIPF) / Provident Fund

Whichever fund you choose to belong to, the contribution minimums are the same. A total of 9% of a member’s basic wage/salary made up of 4% of employee’s basic wage by member and 5% of employee’s basic wage by employer. Please note that the percentage of contributions to the retirement funds can be increased by negotiation. Normal retirement age is 65.


Should a member resign from SATU and remain in the service of the firm, their contributions to the funds will be held in trust, earning interest until the retirement age. However, should the member resign and leave the Printing Industry, they may leave their stake in the Fund or withdraw their contributions, which is subject to taxation.

(T’s and C’s apply)

Pension backed home loans

If you are a member of either the SATU National Provident Fund or the Printing Industry Pension Fund you now have access to housing finance that enables you to buy a home, upgrade or make
repairs to your current home.

Loan may be used for: Buying or improving an existing home, building a new home, paying attorney, transferring and registration, fees for buying an existing home.

The amount you will be able to borrow depends on how much savings you have available in your fund (also known as your withdrawal benefit) as well as how much you can afford to repay every month. In addition, there are specific credit criteria, including the Fund’s rules, which determine how much money can be borrowed.


Value added services

As a SATU member, you have access to various value-added services. These include:

  • Holiday Benefit discount for stays at UNTU Palms resort on the South Coast at discounted rates.

  • Pension Backed Housing loans (for members of the pension or provident fund, subject to approval)

  • Lumkani short term insurance for your household

  • Sizwe Medical Fund (T’s and C’s apply)

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