The South African Typographical Union is registered at the Department of Labour as a Trade Union in accordance with the LRA 66 of 1995 as amended in 2002. SATU is the oldest Union in the Print, Media, Stationery and Packaging Industries – providing stability and a proven good track record.

What We Offer


You will have someone to look after your interests at the workplace, ensuring your employer treats you fairly.


We will assist you with yearly wage and salary negotiations with your employer.


You will have someone to look after your interests at the workplace, ensuring your employer treats you fairly.


We will assist you with yearly wage and salary negotiations with your employer.


You will have representation at disciplinary hearings by people trained to handle such events.


You will have access to a well established Pension or Provident Fund to look after your future.


We offer a variety of benefits to our members.

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The Union has regional offices with highly trained officials and staff who assists members with all their labour related issues. We represent members in the following: 

  • Disciplinary hearings

  • Grievance procedures

  • Retrenchments / Redundancies

  • Unfair Labour Practices

  • Unfair dismissals

  • Medical and disability matters

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Collective Bargaining

On behalf of our members we engage the employer on:

  • Wage negotiations

  • Benefits 

  • Issues of mutual interest

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Basic Conditions of Employment

We look after your interests in the workplace:

  • Working hours

  • Overtime

  • Leave

  • Short time

  • Safe working conditions

  • Protections against exploration

  • Any changes to your conditions of employment

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The SATU Journal is sent to SATU member’s quarterly giving detailed information of news in the Union and its members.

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Mortality Trust Fund

All SATU members are covered by the Mortality Trust Fund in the event of death to assist with funeral costs.

  • Member

  • Spouse

  • Children 14 years and older

  • Children 6 to 13 years

  • Children younger than 6 years (including stillborn)

R 22 000.00

R 22 000.00

R 22 000.00

R 11 000.00

R    5 500.00

N.B.: There is no waiting period for this benefit. Members get covered on receipt of the 1st contribution. Should the member pass away – the spouse will get a paid policy.Terms and conditions apply.

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Maternity Benefits

Apart from drawing from the UIF the following assistance is available for all lady members; R250.00 per week for up to18 weeks provided the member has been a member for a period of 52 weeks (1 Year).

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Out of Work Benefit

Apart from members drawing the UIF, the following assistance is available:

  • All members R250.00 per week

  • 1 week payment for every 6 weeks contributions received to a maximum of 26 weeks

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TB Allowance, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Benefit

This benefit is available to all SATU members who are admitted for treatment of the above medical condition(s). Medical supporting documents will be required. An allowance of R378.00 per week will be paid whilst member still admitted – application forms available at the branches.

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Bursaries are available to the children of members - provided they passed by a minimum of 65% - to go and study at the tertiary institution of their choice.

  • Application Forms obtainable from Branches UBS/4

  • The amounts of the bursaries will be decided by the Executive Council from time to time.

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Pension Fund (PIPF) / Provident Fund

Whichever fund you choose to belong to, the contribution minimums are the same. A total of 9% of a member’s basic wage/salary made up of 4% of employee’s basic wage by member and 5% of employee’s basic wage by employer. Please note that the percentage of contributions to the retirement funds can be increased by negotiation. Normal retirement age is 65.

Should a member resign from SATU and remain in the service of the firm, their contributions to
the funds will be held in trust, earning interest until the retirement age. However, should the
member resign and leave the Printing Industry, they may leave their stake in the Fund or withdraw their contributions, which is subject to taxation.

  • Payment of Funds on Retirement:

    1. Pension Fund: Members get ⅓ as a lump sum on retirement and the remaining buys you a normal monthly

    2. Provident Fund: Fund Credit (subject to tax) is paid out as a lump sum.

  • Payment of funds in the event of:
    Incapacity / Disability / Death
    In the event of a member being unable to work due to illness and subject to approval.


  •  Payable to the Member as a lump sum will be:

    1. The total fund credit (including interest)

    2. 2 x annual member’s salary.