Funds and Pension

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Union  Structure

The Union has an Executive Council comprising of the National President elected by the members of the Union, as well as four Vice-Presidents, of which two are elected by the members in the coastal regions and two elected by the members in the inland regions.

Each region elects a Regional Committee and the two persons receiving the highest number of votes in the particular region would then represent that region on the Governing Board, which is the highest decision making authority in the Union.

This has the effect that everyone in the Union has someone representing them at the decision making body – the Governing Board.

Sites for Funds & Retirement Plans

These are the sites of companies we have partnered up with to provide our members with financial services and retirement funds.

SATU is currently the majority shareholder of an administration company, Transparent Financial Services.

We at Transparent Financial Services are ideally positioned to be your specialist fund administrator.  We pride ourselves in our people, processes and commitment, always striving to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Our main business is the provision of fund administration services to retirement and other benefit funds, enabling fund trustees to focus on their responsibilities and keeping members informed through continuous, accurate and meaningful reporting.

The Union currently have two retirement fund options available, namely the SATU National Provident Fund and the Printing Industry Pension Fund for SATU Members.

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SNPF | Dependants & Nominees Form

SATU | National Provident Fund

PIPF | Dependants & Nominees Form